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Myself being a Professional Masters Degree holder and a Certified Wellness Consultant was hired by an International Hairfixing company. I decided to start on the concept in Bangalore with an Indian version of it, as Indian Climatic conditions are different. I did a research in the hairloss Industry and found people are fed up
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Advanced Hair Bio Bonding in Detail

Advanced Hair Bio Bonding means the bonding from hair replacement to the skin. The new trend from America finds more and more users in Europe and India. The hair piece will stay on the customers scalp for approx. 3 - 5 weeks and the user can unrestrictedly attend all usual activities, even heavy sportive ones. Thats the great advantage of this methodAfterwards the customer should visit the hair studio for cleaning and re- bonding.( Or carry a DO IT YOURSELF KIT) from HEADZ HAIRFIXING to do the service at home.

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